About us

Pomarosa is all about Highlighting the beauty that every woman possess.

It's inspired by the emotion that every women feels when they get an amazing piece of jewelry and absolutely feel beautiful. Isn't it amazing? 

My name is Wilmary Hernández Cáceres and I am the creator and founder of Pomarosa. Since I was 10 years old I have been passionate about making jewelry. The first item that I made was a bracelet with some gemstones my father gave me, and started selling them at my elementary school. Jewelry was always present through out those years, I even made Jewelry and sold in high school, but it wasn't until I started at the university that I decide to start organizing what I actually wanted.  From there Pomarosa was born. 

The name, as I would say, was given to me by God. I am a believer and I had been praying for the perfect name for my business, something that represented me and the brand I had in mind. It wasn't until one day I was with my mom on the way home, and the name Pomarosa (Rose Apple) popped in my mind, I thought to my self this is the perfect name! This was my favorite fruit as a kid. That same moment, when I arrived home they where three Pomarosa's in the kitchen table. If this wasn't a sign from my prayer, I don't what it was.  

This brand is from Puerto Rico and all about positivity, handmade, unique, long lasting jewelry that highlights your beauty. Each piece is exclusive made with you in mind. Everything I make I do it with a growing passion of business, creativity and always my client in mind. 

Thank your for being part of this amazing journey! Without you this wouldn't be posible.